Feeds can be calculated easily and dispensed automatically

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Easily feed to yield, body weight or stage in lactation!

In automated parlors feed control can be connected to the parlor management system easily utilising its in-built high speed communications interface. Interfacing with the Milk Manager Software offers many advantages as feeds may be calculated easily and dispensed automatically. Feed amounts may be calculated based on user defined feed levels, feeding to yield, body weights or stage in lactation.

Appetiser feeding… Speeds up milking!

One of the most interesting features of the Dairymaster automated feed system is appetiser feeding. As each cow enters the parlor a small amount of feed is dispensed to the cow which encourages fast loading. When the unit is being attached the remainder of her allocated feed is dispensed, this usually results in a more content cow when the cluster is attached. Scientific trials have also shown higher levels of oxytocin are present when cows are fed during milking.

The out of parlor Feed Manager is an add on module of the Dairymaster Milk Manager to easily control out of parlor feeders.

Accurate distribution of feed…

The system uses data already in the Milk Manager for determining the amount to feed each cow. Feed amounts may be calculated based on user defined feed levels, feeding to yield, body weight or stage of lactation. The dispensing of this feed may be distributed over different feeding periods throughout the day. The benefit of this approach is that cows generally consume their total allocated feed and unconsumed feed is distributed throughout the remainder of the day.

Out of parlor feeders allow feeding to be controlled accurately and conveniently. Since feed is one of the main inputs on farm it is of utmost importance to use your feed efficiently and effectively.

Feeds can be calculated easily and dispensed automatically
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Learn how to save with Dairymaster!

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Learn how to save with Dairymaster!

Energy is important & costs are increasing all the time…

Milk cooling can amount to 40% of farms energy requirements and with energy costs increasing dramatically, Dairymaster have designed and engineered an energy efficient and reliable milk cooling tank that is better for your milk and better for your pocket.

Better & quicker wash system!

Dairymaster have applied technology from Pharmaceutical Grade testing, to optimise the cleaning process to give you confidence in your tank. The powerful, high capacity wash pump ensures a quicker wash all at the touch of a button.

Protecting your investment…

The Dairymaster SwiftCool Milk Tanks have 20% thicker insulation and thicker steel as standard, resulting in less heat loss. In recent tests the heat loss in a 24 hour period was less than half a degree. Less heat loss results in bigger savings!

Instant communication with your tank, anywhere, anytime!

The SwiftCool CoolControl system allows you to communicate directly with your tank wherever you are via SMS messaging for your peace of mind. The continuous monitoring and reporting allows instant access to information on the current status of the tank while two-way SMS communication provides immediate control.

Examples of communication and intelligent control:
  • Following milk collection the system recognises that the empty tank should be washed.
  • If washing is not activated within a set time an alert is sent via SMS.
  • Following a partial milk collection the system recognises that there is still milk in the tank.
  • If cooling is not restarted manually it will be automatically restarted and an alert sent via SMS.

Unique control just for you….

The SwiftCool Milk Tank comes with a choice of control options to suit your requirements & budget.


Intelligent control combined with ease of use…

CoolControl gives you ultimate control such as two way SMS control, large LCD screen, quick start push buttons, milk level measurement, night mode plus much more. The CoolControl intelligent control system monitors many components. Should a problem be detected you will be alerted on the LCD screen and via SMS.


Advanced electronics with simple push-button control…

DigiControl offers many advanced functions for example large LED screen, wash water based on level or time and much more all at the touch of a button.

For more information on the Dairymaster SwiftCool Milk Tank request a brochure below now!

All of our tanks offer fast, efficient, cooling and washing.

“I am very happy with the Dairymaster tank, it cools very fast and efficiently. The front screen display is very informative and allows quick access to information. I can view litres, time, washing, when washing started, when the tank was emptied etc. This information is essential for me to know and it is just so simple to use.” Richard Sweetnam

Learn how to save with Dairymaster!
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Milking Parlor Options

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The Dairymaster Swiftflo Milking parlors are one of the world’s most advanced milking parlor systems. Our parlors have gained recognition in international media featuring on Middle East T.V Tech Show and The Irish Farmers Journal…. to name but a few.





Milking systems are dependent on the level of automation desired by a particular farmer. Some farmers have chosen to install fully automated Swiftflo Revolvers immediately whereas others have installed plants with a view to adding automation features later. Follow the links above to find out more about the different milking systems to suit your Dairy farm needs.

Why Choose a Dairymaster Milking System?

  • Better udder health
  • Maximise milk yield by typically 5% more
  • Typically milk each cow 1 minute faster
  • Improving teat ends by milking the way nature intended
  • Increase output while reducing labour
  • Making farming more profitable
Milking Parlor Options
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