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Discover the smarter way to feed cows during the dry period…

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Precise feeding!

The Dairymaster SmartFeeder is a standalone feeding system designed to accurately dispense specialised feeding supplements to cows during the dry period.The SmartFeeder is a technologically advanced management tool that allows you to easily feed your cows on an individual basis based on body condition score, stage of production and health status while allowing you the relax with the knowledge that each cow has been delivered her precise feeding requirements.




Alltech who are experts on nutrition have worked on developing the Cow Centric programme which is based on feeding cows with the correct balance of energy and mineral feed and in turn they needed to be able to ensure that this feed has been delivered to each cow. Dairymaster who are renowned experts in feeding systems designed the SmartFeeder as a solution to deliver each cow her precise feeding requirement.

Fewer health problems & improved fertility…

For years an issue that has been seen on farms is how to get the right nutrition and minerals into each cow and how to ensure that each cow has been delivered the correct feed. Research from all over the world shows us that over or under feeding cows during the dry period can result in health problems, body condition loss and fertility issues.

Information at your fingertips!

The SmartFeeder offers the ultimate in two way connectivity to the users mobile phone and to a central Internet server.

The system incorporates many advanced technologies including having built in diagnostics and also a GSM mobile phone interface which allows the system to communicate with external systems or a user’s mobile phone.

You may communicate directly with the SmartFeeder by sending a text message from your mobile phone which allows information to be edited and retrieved. Furthermore the SmartFeeder may send you alerts if feed is low or you may receive a scheduled feeding report all directly on your mobile.

The SmartFeeder also communicates with a central server by using the mobile phone network to connect to the Internet. Cows individual records may be monitored centrally by a feeding or nutrition expert. Furthermore there is a backup each evening of all data on the SmartFeeder.

More Profitable Cows…

  • Cows calve easier
  • Less retained cleanings
  • Less milk fever
  • Cows milk better
  • Cows cycle sooner
  • Easy to use
  • Saves time
Discover the smarter way to feed cows during the dry period…

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